‚Konferenz #1 Lernen von Fungi‘, December 2020, Pilz Welle Lust Art Space, Basel and live stream on twitch.tv – ‚Konferenz #1 Lernen von Fungi‘ is the starting point of a long-term investigation into the subject of fungi in art, literature, humanities, natural sciences, medicine, and beyond. w/ Hannes Mangold (Historian, Swiss National Library), Maya Hottarek (Artist), Florian Walder (Agroscope, Swiss Centre Of Excellence For Agricultural Research), Lukas Marsoner (Restaurant Operator, Bistro Sole Basel), Ilhui Wicki (Department of Psychiatry, Psychotherapy & Psychosomatics, University Zurich), Laurie Mlodzik & Mariana Murcia (Artists, Institute Fine Arts, HGK FHNW, Basel), Mycrobez (Researchers, Entrepreneurs in Mycelium Packaging), Leonardo Bürgi & Lino Weiter (Artists, Caterers), Olivier Rossel, Marcel Freymond, Johannes Willi (Artists)